Insurance is Hard, and so is Healthcare.

As a consumer and patient, how do you get better medical care, not just more or more expensive medical care?

With content from The Medical Guide we will guide you in under 3 minutes, how to make decisions to get the medical care you deserve and the health outcomes you want, without breaking the bank and by putting YOU and YOUR FAMILY in control of medical decisions that may otherwise feel out of control.

Always consult with a medical professional before making healthcare decisions.

In this one minute video, learn the Secret of Choosing the Best Surgeon. (Hint: It’s not the most expensive surgeon or hospital that you want.)

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Author of Six Books on Healthcare: Moral Hazard in American Healthcare / Healthcare Problems and Solutions / Understanding Health Insurance / Uninformed: The Plight of America's Patients / Transparency Metrics / Consumerism and Value Creation in American Healthcare - Specialty: Teaching consumers and insurance professionals how to identify and avoid unnecessary medical care...a huge and complex topic.

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