“3 of the Top Money To-Dos for Your 20s: This is the time when you should be laying the groundwork for a bright financial future, Taylor says. One of the best ways to start? Consider creating a budget and tracking your expenses—then test it out for several months to make sure it’s realistic for you, adjusting it as need be. “This seems like a basic step, but a lot of people miss it,” Taylor adds.

The reality is that your finances are likely a lot simpler now than they will be in the future, when you may be juggling priorities like saving for a down payment on a house while also starting a family. So this is why your 20s are an ideal time to establish good money habits—like getting that emergency fund going—that can help carry you through the next decades.”

(Source: 3 Big Money To-Dos For Your 20s, 30s, 40s And 50s by Christine Ryan Jyoti for Forbes)

There is plenty of conflicting advice on how to prepare for your financial future. But there’s no denying it’s much smarter to start early and be consistent. While insurance can help with disasters, accidents and health issues, there’s no insurance that will suddenly provide a down payment for the house you’ve been dreaming of. For that, start planning well before you’re going to need a down payment, or expect you won’t be buying a house anytime soon.

Solid advice from Forbes and Learnvest at 3 Big Money To-Dos For Your 20s, 30s, 40s And 50s.

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